Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Just heard an encouraging statistic on NPR, and its not often that one hears encouraging stats so it must be shared:

Local and organic food industries are growing by 20% per year consistently over the last 3 years. Conventional food industries are growing at a rate of 1-2%. Take that factory farms, pesticides and GMOS! Slowly but surely we seem to be coming around!

I just became a member of Bailey's Local Food Buying Club. Check out their website and consider joining if your in KW, if you're not check your local area for one or consider starting your own!!! Bailey's was started by Nina Bailey-Dick who once lived in Goshen and worked for Rachel's Bread. She's sourced an amazing array of local products and goes weekly to pick stuff up for the club. Saturday or Sunday you check the website for what's being offered that week. You make sure to place your order online by Tuesday at 8pm. Then Friday between 3-7 pm you pick up your fresh local produce, yogurt, breads (100 local spelt!!), cheese, dried beans, peanut butter, oils, etc etc!! The pick up is a km from my house, so it saves the effort of going all the way to the market and the offering in terms of local foods other than produce is much more than I've been able to source elsewhere!

Also, if you haven't seen Food, Inc check around to see if its playing in a theater near you, or make sure to rent it when it comes out later this fall.