Thursday, November 02, 2006

it's snowing here, pretty from the window, but it's hard to motivate yourself bundle up and get out the door for class. i wish i could join my pops in florida and sit on the beach tomorrow with joe's book. but alas, this weekend i shall continue to read till my eyes bulge out of their sockets and start working on my major research paper of the term for my anthropological theory course- that, i'm actually not dreading. i'm writing about the "feminist critique" theories in anthropology and comparing them to "feminist political ecology". if my paper turns out to be interesting and comprehensible, then i may just post it for my lucky readers.

to start my weekend off, i'm doing a photo shoot tomorrow. my photography assignment is to study and try to recreate the style of a black and white photographer that interests us. we shoot a couple rolls, chose 5 to print and then do a presentation to the class of the photographer's bio and work along with our attempt to recreate their style.
the photographer i have chosen is Imogen Cunningham (isn't imogen- which my prof tells me is pronounced im-i-gin, an appropriate name!). she one of the first well known women in photography (early 20th century- contemporary of Ansel Adams, Weston, Stieglitz and the like). Cunningham is best know for her work with plants, but i'm recreating her body of work on the (nude) body. it's surprisingly easy to find friends to model for you when most of your friends are members of the Womyn's Centre and heading up the "love your body week" on campus or are in fine art classes themselves.

Anyways, here are some of imogen's images that i admire. i find the shapes and shadows she creates with the body beautiful.

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