Monday, February 02, 2009

The Ugly Sweater Fanuary Blues Party
On the night of January 31st we gathered, in all ugliness, to put an end to the blues of January and welcome a new, fresh February.

Some proof of the ugly...

aghast at our ugliness

playing a crazy game of celebrities

and to finish off the night my favorite local band, the Shady J's serenade us with the blues. you can watch their music video below!
(if you watch closely you might see some people your recognize like the beautiful MHJ)


gwen said...

hmmm, gotta luv that '80s teal

mimi said...

i'm getting some mixed messages. first you put up my picture as "proof of ugly" and then you refer to me as "the beautiful MHJ" I don't know leena... do you love me or not?!?!