Wednesday, September 27, 2006

It was a most lovely autumn day today. I got up bright and early to go to the new UW Farm Market. It's in the Environmental Studies courtyard, and is organized by ES in an effort to support local food. it's fabulous, and cheap! 2 quarts of pears for $1.50! i also bought: green, red and yellow peppers, apple butter, a gorgeous purple cauliflower, green onions, red potatoes, wonderfully crisp apples, and carrots that taste like candy. oh! and 6 gourds that were all crazy shapen and wort-y. i used them for a photography project.
i'm really enjoying photography. mostly the developing. this afternoon, after the sunshine hid away, i went over to the dark room and processed for a while. quite, dark, with that red glow. it's good for thinking and centering oneself. of course i could go without the stench of the chemicals, but, heck, maybe they help the artist achieve a more...blissful calm. i came out of the dark room and it was starting to rain. now it's pouring, the sidewalk outside my room is becoming a small river.

i also went to class today. nothing especially intriguing, at least not compared to those wonderful vegetables.

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joe said...

Aren't you going to shoow us the pictures? I see you figured out the site meter thing, and then some. Pretty cool global effects.