Sunday, January 07, 2007

calculate your ecological food print!
take a minute to check it out:

I could believe how drastic my food foot print is! if i became vegan i would reduce my food print by 2 hectors... i don't know if i can manage to commit to that because i'm eating residence food, but i need to start choosing the vegitarian option more often.
after you take the quiz, if you go to the take action section you can see how much different changes in your life would reduce your footprint, it's really amazing.
Here are some relatively easy steps to take for example-

Walk, Bike, Carpool... (Drive Less)[r55][instance_uid]=1
Free Yourself From Junk Mail[r55][instance_uid]=4
Install Compact Fluorescents[r55][instance_uid]=5
Eat Less Feedlot Beef[r55][instance_uid]=2
Reduce Home Water Usage[r55][instance_uid]=8
Stop Sweating in the Winter[r55][instance_uid]=14
Inspire Your Friends[r55][instance_uid]=9

Cheers to a greener future!

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This is great info to know.