Friday, September 07, 2007

Well its has be a heck of a long hiatus, not that i ever blogged very frequently in the first place... but at the insistence of you dear family members and now that i'm somewhere "nouvelle" and "dynamique" i'll try and start blogging a bit.

I started off the summer with a 6-week French immersion program in Trois-Pistoles, in north eastern Quebec along the St. Laurence. Next, I moved to south, to Canada’s southern most inhabited point, Pelee Island, where I worked for two and a half months at a winery as a tour guide/tasting-giver/salesperson/cook/dishwasher/ etc-doer.
I’ve just completed my of 3rd and last migration for the year. This time I’m defying nature, heading opposite the flock, north. (God help me in the winter months). I’ve landed in Montreal (drove into actually) where I will spend the next 8-12 months. This year, when I could be heading back for my third year of university, I’ve decided to take a bit of a sabbatical from U of Waterloo. I’ve got several alternative-university plans for the year. In the fall I’m taking french language classes through a gov-sponsored program (20 hours a week for 2 months for a whopping $62!). These classes are every morning. Then in the afternoons I’m taking one course, Ecological Anthropology, at McGill University and volunteering at the Urban Ecology Centre. In the new year, I’ll be taking more classes at McGill and hopefully find a way to pay the bills. So far the classes look good, haven’t started the volunteering yet.
I’ll try and post from Mtl once a week…or maybe 2x a month. With any luck I’ll have some interesting stories, reflections and, at the very least, photos to share from the cosmopolitan life.

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MAWG said...

I'd like to think I offered more 'encouragement' than 'insistence' but maybe it is a fine line.

Welcome back!