Saturday, February 23, 2008

I’m on the train! I left montreal at 7 this morning and I’ll be arriving in Windsor were my mum will pick me up to head to g-town at 3:45pm.

I really love taking the train, its by far my favourite mode of long-distance transit. Here are 10 fabulous reasons why:

1. train stations are located right in the city, so you don’t have to commute way out to the airport (like in montreal, you have to take a 1 hour bus to get to the airport in the first place). The train station was only a 10 minute and $10 taxi ride from my place.
2. the seats are big and comfy and lean back way further than a car or an airplane.
3. you only have to show up 20-30 minutes early, there is no security, no lines, hardly any waiting.
4. you don’t have to stow away your electronic devices for take of, and you can have your seat in a non-upright position all you want.
5. there is no take off, no ear popping, no turbulence.
6. you can bring a huge suitcase right on the train with you- actually you can bring 2!
7. they are more environmentally friendly than driving by yourself or flying. (I need to look up the stats on this)
8. the view is better than a car ride, no roads or highways, the train goes through the country side.
9. its much safer than driving way faster than the bus.
10. you can just sit, back, relax and enjoy the ride. (or sit back, relax, enjoy the ride and work on writing midterm as the case may be).

On the train I’m sitting catty corner (there are 2 sets of seats facing to other seats of seats) to a 30-something guy, I’m pretty sure he’s british- he’s stylish even by montreal’s high standards. A mini mo-hawk, trendy black boots, and I think I caught a bit of an accent when the conductor asked him for his ticket. Right now he’s sleeping with the hood of he’s trendy black sweater pulled over his face and his long legs awkwardly crossed. earlier he was reading some pseudo porn magazine. gross.
Across the isle from me is a woman, she looks a but staunchy but equally trendy to the british guy. She is dressed all in black- black hair, black cashmere scarf, black boot-cut pants, black flat boots with pointy toes. I guess I lied, her jacket is grey. But even the book she’s reading has a black cover, the title in white is “go ask alice.” I’m wearing comfy blue jeans, a purple long sleeved shirt with a bright green t pulled over it, my scarf is fuchsia. My book, “the mbuti pygmies: change and adaptation” has a brown and yellow cover. It definitely doesn’t match my outfit. Uh-oh! The black-outfit lady just pulled out a snack that doesn’t complement her ensemble: bright orange gold fish crackers! Wow its been years since I’ve eaten, or even seen those.

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