Monday, February 25, 2008

it is lovely to be back in the land of goshen.
sunday, especially, was a really nice day. i went to church in the morning. i was struck by the way it felt to go somewhere were everybody knew me and stopped to say hi and ask how i was doing... oh community, you are so important. i have really missed that in montreal. in montreal i have friends and people i interact with, but they are not interconnected, and my life sometimes feels like snippets of moments with different people and different places, it feels disjointed.
after church i had lunch at my dad's and then went to yoga at the kara's studio downtown. it was great to be back in a class with kara. i got the chance to talk to her a bunch about my plans for teacher training in august and she was really affirming. this summer i may be co-teaching a class with her and subbing from time to time. which i'm ridiculously excited about!
to top off my already good day, an old friend L. came over and we talked for hours and hours catching up on one another's lives. It will be so nice to be able to do a lot more of that this summer.

today is a considerably less lovely as i am tying myself to the kitchen table and working on an essay due right after break is over. but this evening i'm going for coffee with another great old friend, A.

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