Monday, March 03, 2008

i wish my life was more full of adventure, like my friend beth in burkina. then i could tell you fabulous stories about earth shines, chicken sacrifices and bats. but right not all i've got it a pile of midterms and a bad head cold. actually, by pile of mid-terms, i mean one midterm. i finished the other one today (it went moderately well) but the one left, sure feels like a messy huge messy pile- its a take home essay on one heck of a vague question: "How are sex and eating related in the cultural perception of environment? "
so it might sound pretty specific, but as we've talked about it quite a lot in the course, and many anthropologists consider there to be a universal association of food and sex, it is going to be a challenge constructing an essay on such a broad topic.
hopefully i'll be feeling fabulously intelligent and healthy tomorrow so i can crank it out in time.

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