Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Namur Metro: a good deal of fun (Part III)

"and i'll have the tali plate with..."
"chickpeas, no bread and no chees
e" mrs. pushap interrupts.

it's official, i'm a regular, and so proud mrs. pushap knows my order (and my food allergies) by heart! i know this happens all the time in the movies at those home-town restaurants. But it happened to me in montreal! i'm not gonna lie, i feel pretty damn special. especially considering that pushap's is probably the greatest indian restaurant on the planet.

Pushap is the gem of the Namur metro neighborhood. its worth the trip all by itself, sans shopping. to get there, turn right out of the metro on jean-tallon, walk to the first set of lights and turn right and its at the next intersection.
here's why i love pushaps so so much:
- the food is always amazing, just the right amount of spice. and its 100% vegetarian
- their pakora and samosas with sweat and spicy dipping sauseare to die for as an appetizer. take a few to go when you leave for your lunch the next day. below are pakora, they are chickpea dumplings with onion, cilantro and spice.

- it's dirty cheap. you get a huge tali (mixed plate that includes chickpeas or lentil dal, 2 vegetable dishes, rice, chipati, and salad) plus a chai tea and dessert for $6!!! incroyable mes amis!

- they have deliciously strange, techno-colored desserts

- the service is quick and so friendly. they are so sweet!

- the decor is fabulous
- its always busy, but you can still almost always get a table within minutes.

- every friend i've brought their loves it, you'll always have good company

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Floyd Saner said...

Makes my mouth water. I'm ready to head off to Montreal and go out with you to visit Mrs. Pushap!!