Sunday, April 13, 2008

saturday special

last night was really lovely. my apartment had a little ending-of-term dress up and go out night. we had a delicious dinner at the blue lotus down on Duluth. i'd rate them...

9/10 for presentation

7/10 flavor of main dish, 9/10 flavor of spring roll

9/10 service (he waiter took the nice group photo for us!)

10/10 my company

after dinner several of us headed up St. Laurent to the sala rossa to hear Basia Bulat in concert. it was such a great show. she is a fun, genuine, gracious performer. she has amazing vocal and plays a mean autoharp and guitar and her band (banjo, ukulele, cello, viola, piano, percussion) were so great! they're all so down to earth and they way they interact on stage makes you feel like they're a bunch of your friends. i bought her album, oh my darling, and will be listening to it on repeat all day. you can give her a listen here.

here's a sample from her goofy music video.

Part 2 of the Namur series Coming Soon. come back often.

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