Sunday, May 04, 2008


my last week in montreal was quite a whirlwind of work, spending time with friends, packing and goodbyes. here's a rundown monday to thursday i worked at least 30 hours at Maison de l'AmitiƩ to help the registration run smoothly and train the next batch of teachers. although i've enjoyed the job, its been stressful these last few months and it was a good feeling to tie up loose ends and be finished on thrusday. in the last few weeks i had been putting in extra hours to prepare a manual for the new people who will be working for the program.

Thrusday night my mom got in to montreal. Friday morning we wandered around the plateau, did a few last minute things, shopped a bit, and ate at my favorite vegan restaurant for lunch. in the afternoon we cooked a big meal of homemade spring rolls (recipe soon to come!), coconut veggie curry over rice, and fresh fruit with orange-blossom water and dark chocolate for dessert. about 8 friends and roommates joined us and we had a really lovely time sharing food and stories.

Saturday we packed an in the afternoon mom and i went to a partner yoga workshop at with Karen at Heaven Yoga. It was really great, and i'm excited to learn some of the postures in my classes this summer!!

Sunday morning we left montreal and now we're in waterloo. Here, I put half my stuff in storage and saw a few friends and we're crashing at a hotel and will do the second leg of the trip to G-town tomorrow morning.

here are some pics from the workshop, more from the rest of the weekend to come once i get home

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