Friday, August 15, 2008

we've got catching up to do!  this evening ended an AMAZING first week of my yoga teacher training. i love love love it. i am learning from and with 12 incredible people. i am feeling connected, whole, stretched, relaxed.  i can't wait to tell you all about it in future posts. but for the sake of chronology, let's go back to sunday and monday the 3rd-4th of august...

osheaga music festival: 

held on the montreal's man-made expo 67 island, so many thousands of urban young, in their skinny jeans and tattoos, and trendy haircuts. my favorite band was gogol bordello. they are absolutely nuts. gypsy punk. must go if you ever get the chance to see them. ben, i know we have very different tasted in music, but i think you might love them. 

the rest of the week i read in sunny parks, dinned at my favorite vegetarian restaurants, wandered the streets through the rain with my red umbrella, and had lovely times with old friends. 


MAWG said...

gypsy punk... somebody had to do it. This is great.

emma said...

love the back tat.