Monday, January 14, 2008

teacher teacher!
ben, you are no longer the only english teacher in the family!
at the MA language program we were yet to find a level 3 english teacher (and classes start in less than a week!).
i have been feeling more and more overwhelmed with the sheer amount of hours (20/week) of my evening french classes and have been questioning how much learning nit-picky french grammar is really relevant for my future. so, i decided to drop the french and teach the english class, which is more like 10 hours a week rather than 20. i'm getting really really excited for the opportunity!

the level 3 is our highest level at MA (about intermediate level speakers). it is basically focused on improving conversation /oral skills. my main task will be coming up with ways to get people talking and participating. i'll also have to be teaching a bit of grammar, which i will have to teach myself first (like what they heck is a modal verb?!!). i'm especially excited to plan a big environmental issues unit into the lesson plans and take my students on some sweet field trips!

i think i can assure you that this new position will be quite a fruitful move for my blog- i should have some funny, probably embarrassing, and hopefully insightful stories to tell!


MAWG said...

Very cool move. I can see that you'll enjoy it and be good at it.

ben said...

Whoah! Cool. :D