Saturday, October 27, 2007

the greyer side of montreal

for the last couple of weeks my friend suzanne and i have been talking about going to this mysterous "schmataland" i heard about in a low-budget shopping guide:
"Chabanel Street Just north of the Metropolitain between St-Laurent and du Parc is schmataland. Montreal still has a large textile industry, most of which is located in this district. Here you’ll find factory outlets that sell to the public directly, but only on Saturday mornings."

so we set out a little after 10, a bit painfully early after my 2am friday night, plus it was raining. but we were determined to find those deals, or at least have a bit of an adventure.

well great deals we did not find, but we did have quite an amusing adventure.
so schmataland is a street full of industrial buildings and out in front of some of them there is a guy or two handing out fliers, "huge sale on floor 7", "designer samples on floor 3, suite 307" etc. so we venture into the these big industrial buildings, take the lift up to such and such a floor and there are just these big rooms full of racks of clothes. they might be designer samples, but definitly not from 2007. most of them might have been stylish oh about 10 years ago, or if you're 60 and still think its the 90s.

but we did find some other interesting shops. like this one where retailers must come to get their maniquins.

or this one- great deals... if you're a stripper!

i did buy one item, very appropriate given the weather. i invested in this great strippy umbrella at rona on the way home.

after a nice long cozy nap, i'm ready to head back into the rain to take a friend for dinner at this little mauritanian restaurant .

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