Friday, October 26, 2007

Meet my new friends, Les Vers!
I’ve finally got my apartment set up for vermicomposing . Susan, “the Worm Girl,” who has a sweet little vermicompost business that I found on craig’s list , delivered them last night.

My pound of friends came in a nice Rubbermaid bin with a tight fitting lid and little holes around the top, which are then covered in a cloth.

The worms can eat their own weight in organic scraps a day, so the worm girl said that’s about a yogurt container full. You rotate where you feed them each day so they move around the bin in a circle. The worms reproduce every 2-3 months so eventually you can start feeding them more or give some to a friend to start a bin.
If you’re in the montreal area and want to start vermicomposting, I recommend getting your worms from The Worm Girl . She sells a pound of red-wigglers for $10 or will get you a whole box ready for $25. It’s a way better deal than going through the EcoQuartiers. They charge twice as much and you get stuck on a waiting list for at least a month.

If you want learn more about how it all works here , here , and here .

Composting is a great way to reduce how much you’re adding to the landfill and help grow lovely plants to make you some oxygen!
Regular updates to follow!!

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