Friday, October 12, 2007


i tend to be a very future oriented person. i'm a dreamer, an idealist. i've got lots of plans. this has its advantages. for example i attribute my ability to work for something in the future- to set a goal and work towards it- as one of the primary reasons that i've had some amazing experiences...such as my studies and work in burkina faso, or my overall progress in learning french.
but quiet often, by focusing so much on the future, i lose appreciation for the present. sometimes, i start to feel overwhelmed with all the things i want to accomplish. today it got to the point where my head was completely out of the present and my thoughts started feeling very muddled.

in my attempt to un-muddle, i started making lists of my goals. goals for the present year only (although some of them will hopeful build bridges for longer-term aspirations). This is what the list turned into. too bad i didn't have any pencil crayons to make it even more crazy.

on to lighter yummier things...

i just took a big batch of orange-ginger granola out of the oven.
here's the recette:

4 cups oats (rolled or not)
1/2-1 cup nuts and seeds (i recomment pecans and pumpkin seeds)
1/2+ grated unsweetend coconut
1-2 inches of fresh ginger, grated
1 tsp salt
1/2 veg oil
1/2 maple syrup

bake at 350 for about 45 minutes, until it starts looking golden and a bit cripsy.

after its baked, while still warm add:
the zest of 1 orange
1/2-1 cup dried fruit (chopped apricots, raisins, cransins)
1/2 c ground flax seeds

makes 2 big yogurt containers full. if you don't eat that fast, you can freeze one of them for at least a month.

enjoy with yogurt as part of a beautifully balanced breakfast. mmmm mmmm mmmmmm


MAWG said...

Sounds like you're not doing enough yoga.

I'll have to try adding ginger with the next batch or granola.

mimi said...

mmm.... the sight of that amazing granola is making my mouth water. what a good idea to add in fresh ginger! did i tell you i made this granola every week all summer to supply our whole family with delicious breakfasts?

i hope your life makes more sense now that it's organized into a chart :) my way to "unmuddle" is to journal, which always helps a lot.

anyway, je t'aime beaucoup.

gros bisous,