Monday, October 29, 2007

no longer unemployed!

actually i've had one very part-time job for a couple of weeks now. i'm the assistant coordinator for the langue program at le maison de l'amitie. and i'll continue with that, 8 hours a week, throughout the year. friday i recieved word that i got a second job at lululemon athletica . they are a clothing/supply store specializing in yoga. (benefits include 2 free yoga classes a week at different studios in town!). i start training next week. it will be full-time over the holidays, which will make coming home for the holidays pretty challenging, but i'm going to do my best. i really want to see you, dear goshen friends and family. stay in touch, i'm homesick.


MAWG said...

And sleepless?!

Floyd Saner said...