Tuesday, December 18, 2007

i'm starting to get excited for christmas. today we had a party for Maison de l'Amitie staff and volunteers at Casa Corfu Buffet, and everyone was wishing each other "joyeux fetes," and it made me realize that it's coming pretty soon. the Buffet was nice, it was good to talk with and get to know more the people that i've seen around or only worked with a bit. as for the buffet thing though, i'm really not a fan. you get into this mentality that you have to just keep eating and eating, even when the food isn't that great. but thankfully, since there weren't that many tasty vegetarian options, ate a lot of veggies, which doesn't do too much damage, right?
what i'm really most exited for in christmas' coming, is some of my family coming! thursday, (only 2 days!!) mum flies in. she'll be here over christmas. then a couple days after christmas dad drives up to stay for a couple of days. i'm sad that i don't get to see more of my family brother b., gram c., p. m. j. n., and j. and a. but at least we have phones and at least i won't be alone here for christmas. i'll also miss seeing 8th st. family, but at least i'll be skiing with some of my most favorite representatives in a few short months!

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MAWG said...

At dinner last night with gram c., p. m. j. n., the consensus was that we miss you too.