Friday, December 21, 2007

jeesh, i already missed a word of the day. so, i'll make today's a whole phrase:
j'ai la flemme= i'm a blue/nostalgic

this doesn't, however, reflect my current state of mind. my mum's here, and we've had a fun day exploring around the plateau and up to jean-talon market. one of the best parts of the day was coming out of the cold and chowing at Aux Vivres, vegan restaurant. Check out this mouth watering Portabello mushroom sandwich with sprouts, tomato, home made vegan mayo, pickles, lettuce; plus baked potato wedges (with homemade ketchup) and an amazing salad of grated carrots, beets, radish, lettuce, spouts and homemade dill dressing. mmm mmmmmm

here's another pic i took of paper hanging in a beautiful Japanese paper shop.

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Still cheating:

Que diriez-vous de d'un nouveau mot ?