Monday, September 01, 2008

Made it to waterloo this morning at 9am, after 8.5 hours on the bus.  A friend picked me up at the bus stop and i spent the day priming my room for painting (green), scrubbing and arranging the kitchen, and hunting and finding furniture on the side of the road.  

My YTT wrapped up beautifully, it was hard to say goodbye to everyone.  My friend A. and I went up to K.'s country house in Lachute and slept in a big tent under the stars, played with K's Adorable 4-year old daughter and with her chickens, had a fire, and ate poutine.  Sunday we went into montreal to the for brunch at a great little vegan and raw cafe called Crudessense and to the Tam-Tams and met up with some other YTT friends.  The next couple of posts I'll go back and put up some more YTT pics for you!

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